About Me

I'm a proud entrepreneurial country boy from Suffolk, England.

I spent much of my younger life traveling off the beaten path in Africa on long overland adventures. With little formal schooling, these years of experience served as my real education.

In 2012 I founded Roadtrippers, a travel brand that’s all about Road Trips. We are a growing company that has helped millions of people take amazing trips in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

I also love working with buildings and through Northcrown, have several restoration projects in the Midwest of the USA. We focus on historic buildings in under-served urban cores. For me, nothing beats breathing new life into buildings and neighbourhoods.

I am also a partner in, or supporter of, several other businesses and philanthropic endeavours from furniture imports to education programs for at-risk kids.

Above all I consider myself a “conscious capitalist” and believe in high quality, ethical business that when done right is a boon to the development, lives and families of all involved.